A Good Life (signs of Beauty)

Serina Jung
Serina Jung


Story: I needed to hear this message. I wrote this for myself as a means to lift my spririt in times of self-doubt or sadness (watching the news has that effect on me). When I first performed it, I was shocked to get a standing ovation and people came up to me afterward and actually thanked me for singing this song as a reminder of the simple things that make life good. Although this song lacks the "poetry" of most songs, it's energetic, direct and conversational tone make it very relateable, I think.


It's A Good Life (Signs of Beauty)

(c) 2003, Serina Jung


when you saw the world's ugliness

you put a shackle on your heart

you covered your ears, you closed your eyes

but beauty does exist

it is a flower in the desert

no less worthy for being difficult to find


it's a good life -sometimes it's hard to believe

it's a good life - look around you'll see signs of beauty


unfair expectations and unfulfilled wishes

deflate your spirit every time you sigh

but even a diamond must bide its time for brilliance

until, in the light, it cannot be denied


it's a good life -sometimes it's hard to believe

it's a good life - look around you'll see signs of beauty


in a simple act of kindness from a stranger

a sincere "hello, how are you?" from your neighbor

or the sensitivity to be able to cry

and a sun that has never, ever failed to rise


remember, on your journey

to take notice of the flowers

they define what it means to be alive

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