Crash! Boom!

Serina Jung
Serina Jung



Crash!Boom! began as a writing exercise. I was feeling a little stuck, creatively, so I played with words, word-tenses, and bringing key words from one verse into the next to push the creative flow along. It took me many weeks to learn how to play the guitar hook I heard in my head - I'd only been playing for a few months when I wrote this song. In fact, I enlisted guitar genius, Bobby Koelble, of Junkie Rush, to record the album's guitar track for me because I just couldn't cut it in studio.

I didn't know it at the time, but Crash!Boom! was an honest reflection of how I felt about my relationship at the time. In hindsight, I see with almost embarrassing clarity, how naive I was. But I still maintain that it's better to love than to have never loved at all. Besides, a great song came of it.


Crash! Boom!

(c) 2003, Serina Jung

what falls? a bomb falls

like I fell for you - crash! boom!

it always feels like love 'till it falls apart

the bits and pieces, they can fall hard


what sways? a tree sways

before it falls, or snaps to give way

like me for you, 'cuz you love me

like a pendulum, like a trapeze


on the one hand, I could ball myself up like tissue

and snuggle into a cup

on the top shelf of a cabinet, way up in an attic

to live out my days in my loveless cocoon

on the other hand, there's you


crash! boom!



what gives? my heart gives

it gives so much it's caving in

but I can't help myself, it's a shameless ride

and I've lost my hat, but I'm the giving kind


crash! boom! ... crash! boom!

crash! boom! ... crash! boom!


what breaks? my heart breaks

like broken silence, it can't be fixed

I'm broken now, I've broken down

I'm breaking up, baby, crash! boom!


crash! boom! ... crash! boom!

crash! boom! ... crash! boom!

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