This is a big year for me - and we're only 2 months into the new year!  While I confess to having been somewhat "silent" online, I've been busy...

I was invited to participate in Third Thursday at City Arts Factory in downtown Orlando, and three of my pieces are hanging on the walls alongside some really fantastic art!

Hello friends,

I'm so excited and pleased to announce that I've been invited to perform at the one and only WinterFair, up in Clermont, Florida this coming Dec 17, 2011. It's a benefit festival for the Floriday ScrubJay Trail and tickets are already flying out the window for this one - I think there are only 300 available. For info and tickets please visit: and more info is available on Facebook....... you can go there without me ... to Facebook, that is! ha ha!

What makes this show special for me is not only the company I'll be keeping (Woodsongs Star Michael Johnathon) but that I will also be showing and pre-selling prints of my paintings. I'll be selecting just a few of my favorites - not all of which are present on my website yet). Also, I'll be performing many songs from my 4th cd - not yet recorded but definitely in the works and I'll be hanging out with YOU, my friends, after the show. I get to be performer and festival groupie all in one day. Very cool.

Okay. I"m putting it on record here that I'm not on Facebook and currently have no desire to be on Facebook anytime in the near future. Some creepy person posted my pic and pretended to be me for months before it finally got taken down. Besides, let's face it, there are always a handful of people some people (me) don't really want to reconnect with. So that's the blatant truth. However, if someone is looking for me, I'm easy to find because my website is my name. Cool? So please don't accept invitations from me if it comes from Facebook.... it's not me. If I change my mind, which I'm prone to do often enough, I'll let you know when I do. (PS: no harm inteded to Facebook or it's users. Just not my cup of tea :)

Good stuff in the works.... I'll keep you posted soon! Happy Autumn.

It's no secret that John Gallagher of The Painted Ladies is one of Central Florida's top songwriters (as confirmed by August's Orlando Weekly-2010) and I've got the good fortune to call this incredible tunesmith my longtime friend and song-buddy. After many years of workshop-ing and playing our first drafts for one another, we got the brilliant idea to write together. Yeah, baby. New songs. A Gallagher/Jung hybrid of songs that neither one of us would ever have written on our own and you know what that means? Stay tuned..... for more music, a few live shows, maybe even a free demo download or two in the coming weeks and months.

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