Well, it's been two years since the public saw my face on a stage and it was really sweet to be back on the old Stardust stage... well a new stage now that the place has expanded. I performed this past weekend for a wonderful audience who told me they enjoyed my French (yes, I sing in French on the new lullaby cd). My friend and guest performer was Lisa Firestone.... yeah, baby, Lisa is gorgeous, sings like an angel, writes songs that can (and will) make you laugh or cry; she's slaving away on her 4th ro 5th cd. Check her out at www.lisafirestone.com. I'll see if I can get a hold of a pic or two of that performance to post for you. Now that the lullaby cd has been released to the world, it's time to begin work on the new album. I'm thinking it'll be recorded within the next 6 months or so. A trip back to my acoustic R&B and rock roots for sure.

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