So, I've been getting emails... where are you? whatcha been up to? That sort of thing. Well here I am. I've not gone anywhere. Life just kinda happened. In the two years since I "disappeared", I had my second son and then became a single parent. And like the millions of other single parents out there, I was on stun for a while, while I pieced myself back together. The upside to "trial by fire"? Life is good. I'm stronger and hey, I've got plenty of material to draw my future songs from! Speaking of songs.... expect news of that lullaby cd I've been promising you. I swore I'd never write a mushy, gushy baby album. Never say never, I heard.... but this isn't mushy or gushy. It'll be awesome! I promise :-)
I'm BAAACK!!!! And so happy to be here. Lots of life stuff happened and needless to say, anything that rocks the boat (or tips it over) will get the creative muse flowing again. Of course, you'll have to get the juicy details from my next set of songs - which are always part autobiography, part imagination, and part wishful thinking.
Hi friends, Check this out: UCF did a T.V interview with me as a featured guest in Jan 2006 and someone liked it so much, they posted it on You tube. Here's the link: The UCF students did a good job and it was fun. It sill airs as a repeat quite often, I'm told. Just wanted to share the good news :)
I'm pleased to announce that after 3 months of modified bedrest, my second son was born, super healthy, in February - a natural birth - my eyeballs rolled in my head but I felt like a warrior goddess when he was placed on my belly to admire. Okay, now I can get back to that lullaby cd once I get some sleep .... sleep? what sleep? ha ha!
I dedicated intense creative time to finishing the songs for the lullaby cd and I'm proud to say that I completed it in just over 3 weeks.This isn't your typical rock-a-bye mushy album, by the way. A lot of thought went into making the songs inspiring, descriptive, positive and soothing. I'm very proud of the result and simply can't wait to send it out into the world. I guess I've been incubating these songs for four years and just needed a "window" of time to put them on paper. Recording begins next week. - I'll be in touch soon.

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