Dear friends, It’s been about two years since I hit the stage - a much needed break that began with the intention of a six-month sabbatical. Well, life has its own flow and that’s how it is. I’ve enjoyed the last two years, doing 'other' things and, in spite of my best efforts to “get away”, I’ve been more creative than ever. Ruth King, John Gallagher and I finished writing a preschooler album a couple of months ago. That’s in production - I’ll keep you posted on when you can expect to get a copy for the young'uns in your life. Also, I’ve picked up the thread of where I left off working on that lullaby cd I began when I thought that newborns slept all the time (leaving me with oodles of time. Yeah. Right). I’m kicking myself in the butt to finish it before the end of the year so you can expect a February release (before my second newborn comes along). As for my next solo cd of grown-up music, well, I’ve got the tunes but not the time to record it yet. So, for now I’ll play them for you in live shows and keep writing! Promise. My first album, simply titled "Serina Jung" has sold out. I think CDbaby has the two last copies ( For now, I 'm not re-pressing more copies, but I do have plans to do so sometime in the future, re-mixed and maybe with a new tune or two on it. - is an MP3 download store that is selling my second cd, Sparrows. They've got a nice easy-to-use website that is a great no-nonsense place to buy MP3s. No software to install. And since they're regular MP3 files, they'll work in every computer, and any portable player. Here’s the link to check it out - either for yourself or for a friend: Much of my music sales is coming from digital downloads lately. There are tons of neat places where you can buy just one song at a time or make your own compilation cd for less than what you'd pay for in a store. So, in the next newsletter I'll fill you in on some places where you can find some great music in any genre you like ... including mine! Have a fantastic day. All the best, Serina .
Has it really been so long since I've blogged? Oh well, here goes. I took ages off, originally intending only to take a few months to "recharge" my batteries. I rode with a digital recorder in my car and one day realised I had tons of new song ideas. Enough for album #3? Yes indeed. In the meantime, I got together with Ruth King and John Gallagher often enough for us to actually complete writing 22 songs for our first pre-schooler cd, which is in production as I write. The funny thing is, none of us ever dreamed of writing for kids. What began as pure joking silliness at the kitchen table turned into a real source of fun and pride. It's an excellent album and writing with them just for fun was exactly what my tired "batteries" needed. Release for that album, which goes under the group name "Jung King Gallagher" is tentatively set for this fall. Also, I'm taking piano lessons this summer (cuz my piano skills are pretty pathetic!) in order to complete the music for that lullaby cd I began three years ago, when I thought mothers had oodles of time on their hands. But I digress.... the songs for that album are written but the music is incomplete. I might add a couple of French songs - after all, I do speak French so why not? I'm guesstimating a fall release for that cd too. And my 3rd solo cd? Well, I'm aiming for a December recording. In the meantime, I'll begin to perform again, in the Orlando area, this summer. It's good to be back. Thanks for hanging in there so patiently.
I've got two new paintings to show you. I'm thinking I'll do a music-and-art show for you sometime this fall. New songs, new art - all of this is just flowing together, you know?
All this time off is finally yielding some really neat songs. Can't wait to share them with you. AND... Ruth King and I are talking about a huge show this fall. This one's gonna rock your socks off! More on that when the details are in place.
I just came back from a weekend in Ft.Lauderdale, hanging out with three Nashville publishers and 25 very talented songwriters from all over the country (and Germany!) Not all of the songwriters have websites, and there isn't room here for all of their addresses anyway, but if you're a fan of my music, you'll definitely want to check out:,,,, and It was great to hang out, talk shop and play tunes around the firepit. My creative batteries are charged... the new songs are churning!

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