AWARD - Saturday, November 1st, 2003 Received Certificate of Honorable Mention from Billboard World Song Competition for "If I Want To" (1st track on sparrows cd), from 11th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Competition for "the talent and dedication it takes to write a hit song".

AWARD - Wednesday, September 24, 2003 Nominated in 9 categories at the 2003 Songwriters Showcases of America Awards. Awarded "Female Vocalist of The Year". To see a list of all award recipients, go to and click on Awards.

Review of Sparrows CD - Dec 2003 Serina is almost impossible to categorize. Her style most unique and fresh. Her songwriting just about covers it all. Winner of the 2003 SSA "Female Vocalist of the Year" award, Serina's music seems to flow effortlessly. To be honest, when I first listened to Serina's music, I sighed, sat back, and prepared myself for another "Jewell" in the female singer-songwriter crown. My mistake! She immediately pushed past the standard folk-pop mode I expected and ventured into vocals and songwriting that were edgy and exciting. I simply couldn't stop listening. Serina's honest and varied emotions are artfully expressed in her songs and each one leaves you eagerly anticipating the next. Come out to see Serina, Dec. 27th at The Blue Martini in Deland." -Chuck Layton, Sound Choice (

REVIEW - Review of Sparrows CD - June 28, 2003 One of Jung's songs opens this week's column and it offers up a tantalizing glimpse into her unique storytelling perspective. Her tunes on "Sparrow" are alternately joyous and hopeless, inspecting closely the human condition and marrying it with a gorgeous palette of instruments and notes. It starts off simply enough with the folky "If I Want To" and threatens to be "another indignant chick album" in a Morrisette-ish vein, but soon the effervescent mandolin of "A Good Life (Signs Of Beauty)" announces the start of a tasty tour of titillating textures. "Sparrows" is easily my favorite local music album of 2003 so far. The menu serves up real strings, French-inflected accordions, English horns and soprano saxophones to dramatic effect, giving most of the songs a rich and organic sound. Jung's vocals are sometimes edgy, but mostly delivered in a full, clear and expressive range of tones. Vis a vis the weeper "Waiting For A Letter" or the Celtic sway of the gritty eye-opener "Living On The Edge" which boldly asks "what if my pulse is the only reason I'm alive?" Layered harmonies and imaginative arrangements ranging from tropical Latino grooves to sweaty funk abound in this sound-feast of an album with its tales of stranded angels and life survivors. The pain is pronounced, but the resolution that beauty is "no less worthy for being difficult to find" can be found all over the bittersweet map. A real chameleon and an ace production with crack players (including axe-master Bobby Koelble) is simply the icing on the cake. Ageless and timely. Reviewer: Bing Futch, Dark's Corner, for Ink19; (c) 2003, JOB Entertainment.


SPARROWS IS HERE! - April 2, 2003 Sparrows, the second album from songstress, Serina Jung, blends the acoustic feel of David Gray with an organic, melodic vocal styling reminiscent of Amanda Marshall crossed with early Janis Ian. This second independent release reveals a more confident and mature artist. In the four years since her first self-titled debut album, she has spent much time and effort honing her craft, both as a songwriter and as a performer. On sparrows, Serina, with the help of saxophonist and co-producer, Alain Bradette, has taken a more organic and acoustic approach. The production is uncluttered and is punctuated with delightful touches such as English horn, saxophone, and congas, among others. The result is an appealing eleven-song album which flows effortlessly, making it a highly pleasurable listen. Notable tracks are the soulful, upbeat opener, "If I want to", the heart-wrenching narrative, "Jenny", "Crash! Boom!", a quirky roller coaster ride, and "Blame it on the moon", a catchy, joyous tune that sounds like summer and will likely get stuck in your head for days.


PRESS RELEASE - September 2002 Cyd Ward and Serina Jung team up this fall to promote their new independently released albums. In the competitive world of music, rarely do two solo artists collaborate to promote new releases; however, Seattle-born Cyd Ward and Montreal native, Serina Jung, singer-songwriters now based in central Florida, are teaming up for several performances to promote their new albums. Cyd's debut album, Between The Lines, voted "Pick of the Week" on the Philips Phile (Orlando, Fla.) in February, was officially released this past spring, and Serina's sophomore cd, sparrows, will be released early in 2003. In terms of style, Cyd's is gently melodic, heartfelt folk, and Serina's is Contemporary Folk, although both artists, true to their singer-songwriter natures, tend to cross style borders effortlessly and convincingly. Both artists received awards as well as several nominations in this years' 2nd Annual 2002 Songwriters' Showcases of America Music Awards, both have had their music featured on radio and both have rapidly growing fan bases, so the idea of working together could almost be called a logical one based on, according to Cyd, "friendship, mutual admiration and respect for one another's work." Serina adds, "This is a challenging business we're in; by pooling our resources, we help one another and, as a result, we help ourselves." With their combined efforts, enthusiasm and proactive attitudes, Both Cyd and Serina can look forward to long, successful careers.

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