Singer-Songwriter, Artist, Yogi... and a few other hats

What's going on

The rewards of change

So a lot of things have evolved since the Covid pandemic. I left Florida and moved back up north, to the gorgeous Green Mountain State of Vermont. Ah, I can breathe again. Literally! And I moved to the beautiful homestead…

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Blending talents into one place!

This COVID lockdown has forced so many of us to spend way more time at home than we'd ever impose on ourselves. While some find it confining, I've turned to the things I most love to do: music, yoga, meditation…

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My first art show! What The Dickens!

I was invited to participate in Third Thursday at City Arts Factory in downtown Orlando, and three of my pieces are hanging on the walls alongside some really fantastic art! At last night's opening I saw incredible, diverse, provocative, inspiring…

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Not on Facebook?!! That's Right.

Okay. I"m putting it on record here that I'm not on Facebook and currently have no desire to be on Facebook anytime in the near future. Some creepy person posted my pic and pretended to be me for months before…

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So I confess... I'm a closet painter

When I was a little kid, someone (ahem... a teacher) told me to stick to singing because I couldn't draw for beans. I believed that person because, quite frankly, I really do suck at drawing. But 7 years ago I…

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