So I confess... I'm a closet painter

When I was a little kid, someone (ahem... a teacher) told me to stick to singing because I couldn't draw for beans. I believed that person because, quite frankly, I really do suck at drawing. But 7 years ago I gave in to the urge to buy paint and canvas. It was on sale at Michaels and I had been thinking that if I never actually tried to paint I'd regret it in my old age someday. For seven years, my art went straight into the closet after it dried, until my good friend Ruth King told me I should at least hang it up on my own walls. So I did... and here's another confession: I just love my art. It's not about perfection, it's not about anything other than the fact that I can lose myself completely in the act of painting. I lose sense of time, problems, concerns and whether or not what turns out will be "good". I don't feel like I have to analyze and construct as I do with songwriting. It's very liberating and I've come to the conclusion that my art is an expression of feelings and thoughts that I cannot express similarly in song.  I've selected a few of my favorites to show you in the Photo Gallery section. I hope you like them as much as I do. But if you don't that's okay.... it's just art :-)