Not on Facebook?!! That's Right.

Okay. I"m putting it on record here that I'm not on Facebook and currently have no desire to be on Facebook anytime in the near future. Some creepy person posted my pic and pretended to be me for months before it finally got taken down. Besides, let's face it, there are always a handful of people some people (me) don't really want to reconnect with. So that's the blatant truth. However, if someone is looking for me, I'm easy to find because my website is my name. Cool? So please don't accept invitations from me if it comes from Facebook.... it's not me. If I change my mind, which I'm prone to do often enough, I'll let you know when I do. (PS: no harm inteded to Facebook or it's users. Just not my cup of tea :)

Good stuff in the works.... I'll keep you posted soon! Happy Autumn.