From the recording Serina Jung

A cool thing: when listened to with headphones on, you can hear the wind swirling around you.

A different version / rendition of this song is on the lullaby album: Starry Night.


Moonlight Casts a Shadow
(c) 1999, Serina Jung
Moonlight casts a shadow did you know?
I saw it, I stood in it
I had been feeling like I was in the dark
suddenly, I was bathed in silver light

I watched the moon glide slowly across the sky
I followed it, I traced its path
I had always thought that only the sun could shed such light
how I yearned to be able to touch it

hours on my doorstep in my spotlight,
I lived it, I breathed it in and
I discovered I was not in the dark
moonlight casts a shadow
moonlight casts a shadow
mine is with me tonight
yeah, mine is with me, tonight