Singer-Songwriter, Artist, Yogi... and a few other hats

"Serina Jung is a masterfully poetic songwriter whose haunting, beautiful melodies and lyrics touch the heart and mind." - Paul Gerardi / host of "The Acoustic Highway Radio Program", WPRK-FM, Orlando, Fl

"...unique storytelling perspective...sound fest of an album with its tales of stranded angels and life survivors. A real chameleon and an ace production.... Ageless and timely." - Bing Futch, reviewer for Ink 19 - Dark's Corner 

"Although the title of the CD is 'sparrows', Serina's unique vocal style and writing have her soaring with the eagles." - Ron Feldman, Independent Producer 

"Back to the basics... the way records used to be made. Where the songs, in their most organic form, move the soul.... What a breath of fresh music !!" - Robert Wawoe, Divi Records 

"Serina is so charismatic you don't' need video to see her songs come to life." - Bob Katz, Mastering Engineer, Digital Domain

“ most unique and fresh. I simply couldn't stop listening.” - Chuck Layton, Sound Choice 

All poignant portraits of id and others, Jung's buoyant exterior belies a disposition towards a somewhat darker realism in her writing.” - Dean Cottrill