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In a field of flowers 

We suddenly and unexpectedly lost a very beloved family member just before Christmas, four months ago. The shock of life without her radiant sunny disposition and kindness is still ringing in our minds and hearts. This song is dedicated to her inner beauty, her deep care for others and her love and fascination for flowers. For anyone who has lost someone they deeply love and care about, this song is also for you. Single drops sometime this summer.


April, 2024

Sleeping tots  

I'm proud to announce that the lullaby album is on it's way to CDbaby and to the downloading world. A few more days. Ah... another baby born (this one didn't hurt one bit!). Keep you eye out for STARRY NIGHT: Lullabies for Little Ones. Hey, you even get to hear me sing in French.

Bouncing baby boy  

I'm pleased to announce that after 3 months of modified bedrest, my second son was born, super healthy, in February - a natural birth using self-hypnosis - my eyeballs rolled in my head but I felt like a warrior goddess when he was placed on my belly to admire. Okay, now I can get back to that lullaby cd once I get some sleep .... sleep? what sleep? ha ha!

The rewards of change 

So a lot of things have evolved since the Covid pandemic. I left Florida and moved back up north, to the gorgeous Green Mountain State of Vermont. Ah, I can breathe again. Literally! And I moved to the beautiful homestead I dreamed of for over a decade with wide open fields and dense, temperate forests. The sounds of nature are so healing. My guitar gathered dust for most of that transition and to be honest, I can admit now, that I sometimes wondered if I'd ever have anything to say again. Isolation…

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Blending talents into one place! 

This COVID lockdown has forced so many of us to spend way more time at home than we'd ever impose on ourselves. While some find it confining, I've turned to the things I most love to do: music, yoga, meditation, gardening and art. I'm also now on Instagram, you can follow me @serene.oasis_

I hope you're all finding ways to engage your spirit, connect with loved ones, even if at a distance, and stay healthy. We will overcome this together.