From the recording Serina Jung


The Children Sang
(c) 1999, Serina Jung / Eric Bernard

I had a dream so fair and real
that while I slept my heart fluttered
there were children holding hands
prayer and song filled the land

I heard a voice call out my name
I sought the source of melodious tenor
the amber sky poured molten gold
the children sang and formed a circle

a tiny bird flew northward bound
it carried a parchment, a declaration of love
and people flocked towards the voices
the children's message spread through the crowd

there were sorrows and open wounds
ther were healers with balsamic balm
like rays of sunlight through dense-set trees
joy came whispering of coming release

and still we heard them with fervor strong
a myriad voices al raised in song
Mother Earth laughed in such embrace

the children sang and we sang with them
the children sang and we sang with them

(we are the children, children of the world
 come join our circle, children of the world
 voices, all raised in song, la, la, la la)