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  1. Les Beaux Dodos

"Les beaux dodos" is French for "good sleeps" in Quebec, back home. It's a wish you bestow on your children at bedtime, like saying, "nighty night". I sang the French part, like a mantra, for my youngest child when he was a newborn and would stay up for hours in the middle of the night. I thought it might be nice to include my Italian heritage (from my mother's side) and have this song be trilingual. Please forgive my very North American accent! I'd like to learn to speak Italian someday.


Les Beaux Dodos       
(c) 2010, Serina Jung

C’est l’heure de faire dodo
les beaux dodos
c’est l’heure de faire dodo
les beaux dodos
buona notte, amore mio, buona notte
dorme bella, dorme bello, buona notte
nel sogno dolce
good night, sweet dreams
buona notte
I love you
buona notte, amore mio
good night
buona notte
les beaux dodos
sweet dreams, I love you
les beaux dodos
les beaux dodos