Starry Night: Lullabies For Little Ones

Serina Jung

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No babies fall out of trees! Thirteen lullabies you've never heard before ... gentle and positive, for babies, children and the young at heart. A wonderful gift idea!

With two independent releases already behind her, Serina Jung’s third album, the newly released STARRY NIGHT: Lullabies For Little Ones, showcases her songwriting talents in a new light. Inspired to write a children’s album after becoming a new mother, she discovered that so many classic lullabies have a dark underlying tone. A believer in positive thought, Serina also believes that all children should fall asleep each night with peaceful reminders that they are loved and inherently great and welcome in this world.

STARRY NIGHT offers its listeners an acoustic soundscape that has almost as much space as it has sound, with only guitar, gentle strings, a sprinkling of chimes and a voice that sings almost in a whisper, at times. Young hearts and minds will be soothed by this gentle and inspiring collection of original acoustic lullabies that feature songs written in English, French (and a touch of Italian on one). Of special note is 'Dort mon cher enfant', a brand new French version of the classic Shephardic folk song, 'Durme Durme'. Other highlights are 'Lullaby Song', and 'Willow', a lilting promise of enduring love. Perhaps a new generation of lullabies, including the ones you hear on this album, will become the new classics of future generations.

The first 100 issued CDs are signed by the artist. All of the songs on ‘STARRY NIGHT: Lullabies For Little Ones’ are available for licensing.

Sweet dreams....

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